This is an invaluable collection of practical and accessible tools to create the kinds of organizational and personal change described in What is Transformation? and Transforming Organizations.

Each tool is simple and specific, results-oriented, with the potential to revolutionize your work. They are designed to help consultants, leaders, and team members create healthy and effective social change organizations. Many of these are original tools created by Robert Gass. Some are adaptations or descriptions of tools that are in general use, and a few are reprinted with permission from their authors.

Please freely share our Tools for Transformation with your clients, teams, and colleagues.  We ask only that you keep intact the copyright and link to at the bottom of each page.

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Diagnose strengths and needs for improvement in teams, boards, and organizations.

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Facilitate transformational coaching: tools for leaders, managers, consultants, and coaches.

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Provide masterful, transformative facilitation for working groups and teams.

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Promote the honest and robust exchange of feedback in teams and organizations.

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Develop more powerful, enlightened, and effective leadership.

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Organizational Transformation

Guide and manage the process of organizational change.

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Personal Ecology

Create balance, pacing, and efficiency to support a lifetime of sustained service.

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Personal Mastery

Develop the meta-skills that help people operate in their zone of excellence.

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Role of the Consultant

Manage and enhance the working relationship between consultants and organizational leaders.

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Team Performance

Help work teams create greater accountability and results.

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Create and align groups and organizations around clear missions, compelling visions for the future, and guiding values.

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Equity & Inclusion

An equity analysis is critical to social change efforts. The resources on this site do not have an explicit equity analysis. We encourage you to seek out consultants and tools that ground their change work within an equity practice.

Here are some recommended tools and resources: