Role of the Consultant

Manage and enhance the working relationship between consultants and organizational leaders.

This section contains excellent articles to help leaders better select and manage consultants to get the results they want. Other articles and tools are designed to help consultants create more effective partnerships with their clients and enhance the practitioner’s own professional development.

Client Engagement for Transformational Change

How consultants can create contracts for transformative/systemic work that are most likely to produce the actual results clients are seeking.

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Consulting-Coaching Relationship Assessment

A unique and invaluable tool for consultants or coaches to assess the efficacy and strength of their relationship with clients. Provides insights into how to produce greater impact with key clients.

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Partnering with Consultants

A guide for leaders: how to find the right consultants and how to manage them to ensure you get the help you need.

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The Transformational Consultant

A guide to cultivating the seven qualities of transformational consultants.

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Working with Hearts & Minds

Principles and practices to guide consultants and facilitators in this profound and sacred work.

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