How to manage one’s own emotional triggers: a critical competency for all leaders and helpers. Equally important at work and in your intimate relationships.

What it is

A series of articles, practical tools and suggestions for managing one’s
emotional triggers

What it can do

This tool can help leaders, consultants and coaches:

  • Understand the phenomenon of emotional triggering and its negative
  • impact on their effectiveness
  • Gain greater understanding about their own emotional sensitivities
  • Develop capacity to more quickly recognize when they’re been triggered
  • Learn a powerful practice for skillful self-management when triggered
  • Deal more effectively with others who are triggered

How it works

The Managing Your Triggers Toolkit includes the following articles, best practices
and tools:

  1. How Triggers Hijack Our Sanity
  2. Getting To Know Your Triggers
  3. What To Do When Triggered: The 4-Step Practice of State-Shifting
  4. How To Know You’re Triggered
  5. The Art of State-Shifting: 13 Tools for Recovering Your Sanity
  6. Meshing: How To Stay Centered in Triggering Situations
  7. What To Do When Others Are Triggered
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